DeDupe Columns not rows

Any advise on how to de dedupe each column for duplicate values


Expected Output

There is a way to do it with Gather, Dedupe, Spread and Slide.

But there is also a much simpler way with just Unfill and Slide.

Prashant.transform (5.5 KB)

You will need the latest snapshot for Slide.

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From my point of view the “complex” solution is required. The simple one with Unfill wouldn’t work in case there is a sequence in one column like “X, X, Y, X”. The complex one is more robust.

You can ensure the original columns order by extracting just the headers (with filter) and adding a Stack transaction …

Prashant_2.transform (6.5 KB)

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  • Thank you @Admin for sharing both simple and complex solution . I will also mark these posts as questions in future.
  • Thank you @Olaf for the headers & stacking option.