Dark themes sneak preview

While we were down the rabbit hole of tweaking color themes we have also been experimenting with dark themes as an option to the standard light UI theme. What do you think?

Windows dark theme:

Mac dark theme:


Very nice, maybe use a little bit more visible color accents (such that of remove columns)

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Do you have any example of other software that has a good use of color highlights? Feel free to post a screenshot.

Mindnode for instance
On your example the box that has the focus could be a paler grey and with a thicker border

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The box outline is thicker when something is selected and the highlight color is used. It happens that the OS highlight color is the similar to the color we choose for transform. But you can change the selection color to better fit them color scheme. We may also look at other ways to make it clearer items are selected.

I love it! Can’t wait to change my EDT to dark theme!

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Some more pixel wrangling to do. I hope to have a snapshot release you can try this week.

Thanks @Admin. I would prefer to really test it to give my feedback. Looking at the pictures it looks you are on the right path.