CSV to XML to Adobe FrameMaker with XSLT

Interesting. Thanks.

So how is the XSLT triggered and what software is running it? What would be the advantage of Easy Data Transform running the XSLT, rather than the current arrangement?

Note that you can output XML attributes from Easy Data Transform. The column name needs to have an underscore to denote an attribute. See:

The XSLT processor built into FrameMaker is SAXON Enterprise Edition. The Structured (XML) portion of FrameMaker has the ability to specify different settings for each document type. In my example case, when I open an XML document with a “segue” root element, the XSLT processor automatically does the XSLT transformation.

The Oxygen software is a high-end XML development environment and editor. I use that to interactively develop my XSLT.

The advantage might be scenarios where you need some XML to XML transformations or Excel to XML where you have to do some nesting or complex reorganization of the XML.

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