CSV output does not work

I am using v 1.25 (same issue in 1.25.1), was there a change in the library used to output data?
I am working on a single CSV input and after processing, when choosing the output currently the CSV option is not here anymore, replaced by Excel XLX File (CSV) which does not produce a CSV file.

And when outputting to the first option (*.) it is impossible to name the file output.csv (see below)

How can I output directly to CSV?

Thank you in advance,


Looks like your output extensions are messed up.

You can set them back to the default by click Default in the Output extensions tab of the Preferences window.


Does that fix it?

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Thank you!
Problem solved.
Weird that it happened as I did not enter the preferences for a very long while and never modified that tab preferences.



If you output to a file extension that EDT hasn’t seen before, then it will add that extension to the ‘Preferences’ for you.

Thank you for this explanation.