Create Patterned Data

A Create Pattern Transform would be useful.
This is a description from Minitab.
Use Make Patterned Data to generate repeating sequences of numbers, text values, or date/time values. You can repeat a sequence of equally-spaced numbers or date/time values, unequally-spaced numbers or date/time values, or text values.

For example, a quality engineer wants to measure parts from three machines, at two temperatures, during every work shift for a week. The engineer generates columns of patterned data for the machine ID, temperature setting, and work shift.

I had considered having a way to generate datasets. For example for testing. it could allow for generating sequences or random numbers, dates or strings. This might work better as a new type of input, rather than a transform.

Would sort of thing do you envisage using it for?

Never mind, the Row Num Transform works great for me. I forgot it could increment

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Note also that you can already do something like this by using Row Num to create a unique row number then:

  • convert it to a string (using Caculate / % modulus and If to convert it to a string)
  • convert it to a date (using Calculate / msecsToDateTime).

It is a bit fiddly though.

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