Count words within strings

I have a comment field on each row. I want to find the top 30 most used words in these comment fields. Once found, I want to have the number of occurrences of each word in comparison to the total number of records.

For example:

1 this is the first record Apple

2 once this is done Orange

3 someone said Apple is the record

4 trouble with fruits

5 Apple is my favorite

So Apple was used 3 times out of 5

Record used 2 out of 5


Get only the top 30 most used words. The words are dynamic so we don’t know what they are so I can’t statically just create a CONTAIN…

The .transform file to do this in Easy Data Transform is attached.

Basically you need to use Split Col to split the words into column, Split Rows to put everything in 1 column, Count to count the words and Filter to keep only the top 30.

word-count.transform (4.7 KB)