Copying data from Right pane wo headers


In version 1.35 you added copying column headers when copying data from the Right pane when the entire column/columns are selected. Is it possible to return the old approach when the headers were not copied with the data? I often use EDT as a tool to quickly convert data in columns and insert those columns into an existing Excel file by copying entire columns. And with the new approach when the header is copied it looks impossible. Perhaps I just did not find the option to disable this behaviour in the EDT settings.

When you select all the rows of a column/table, then the table control also seems to automatically select the header. So I’m not sure there is an easy way around this. I will investigate.

Thank you for quick response! It would probably be nice to add an extra item to the right-click menu that would copy the data without a column heading, or add some global setting… Anyway thanks for your attention.

Yes, it might be worth having separate:

  • Copy Selected Data With Header
  • Copy Selected Data Without Header

I will bear it in mind for the next release.


Till @Admin provide option in the next release, I have a work around, you simply copy the column’s first row and paste it where you need to paste it and then click on the second row and then shift click the last one in the column and copy, it will copy all the data without the header and then paste away after the first one where ever you pasted it.

Remember this is a work around till the option is made available to copy only data.


It will be in the next release.



This enhancement is now available in the new snapshot release.

Please try it and let us know what you think.