Copy Settings from one node to another

I have a multi sheet Workbook which I’m collating to one dataset for import to a larger database. I can bring in the multiple sheets as individual files which is great (a shift select would make selecting the sheets I want much easier though).
The issue I have is that I cannot copy settings from one file read input to another. I need to ignore the first 11 rows of each input file which I have to do individually on 40 or so files.
Also when I create a single tree there is no way to copy those transforms to multiple file inputs which would be the other way to solve this. It seems the node tree view is not powerful enough.

Love the software though. So good!


To be honest, I could not understand at all what you want. It would be nice if you could share some sample test data and the output you are looking for.

You normally only see shift select on lists. I’m not sure how that would work on a 2D canvas. Note that you can drag a rubber box around multiple items.

Have you tried right clicking on an input and selecting Duplicate branch? That will duplicate the input and all it’s children.

For v2 we want to add an option where you can select multiple items and change their properties in one operation. E.g. to change the number of rows ignored in an input.

Thanks for the replies!

  • Anonymous - So my workbook comes in like this and I stack the separate sheets and perform some other transforms on the data. Problem is each of the file inputs need to have the same settings. They need to ignore the first 11 rows of the input sheet and ignore empty columns.

  • Admin - It would be great to have an option where you can perform the same operation on multiple nodes at the same time as you mention. The duplicate function needs to stay copied to the same tree or it will lose it’s settings.
    The shift select would be useful in the dialogue box used to select the sheeets to import. It’s just a tickbox list which is tedious to tick when you have 30 or 40 to do!

I have a problem to get the point, too. But if you want to join multiple files with identical input, have you tried to use the batch processing. Configure one file with the parameter “ignore first 11 rows” and output the data into file with mode append.
I do such stuff even in terminal scripts, where I delete the old output file before execute the next process cycle in the script.

I now see your screenshot, as I recommended check batch processing. With this the processing is independent of the files, which you can address with * jokers.

hmm, issue with the batch script is getting it to split out the sheets from the single workbook. It’s a batch output but only after it’s done that step.

I don’t know your workbook, but I tried it in Excel, there you can use a * joker for the tabs. Maybe this is possible for you, too.

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huh, well that worked a treat. Great work around Olaf. Thank you very much!

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The Choose Excel sheets dialog has ‘check all’ and ‘uncheck all’ buttons. Selecting is different to checking, so I’m not sure shift select would be useful, unless you also had ‘check selected’ and ‘uncheck selected’ buttons.


Here is a workaround to change options for all the files at once, till it is provided within the application

Open up your transform file in any text editor and change the ignored_rows values from 0 to 11 or whatever you need and same goes for to ignore empty columns, change ignore_empty_cols values from 0 to 1 and save it and when you open up in EDT, all is set as you wanted in one go.

@Admin already mentioned how to select all 40 or whatever number all at once, by clicking on the button select all instead of clicking one by one.


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Make sure you make a copy of your .transform file first! If the changes you make create a badly formed XML file (e.g. omitting a < or >), then Easy Data Transform won’t be able to read it.