Converting String values to Integer (text to num)

Hello everyone!

I have a large csv file which I’ve created using EST, however all the new columns added are being recognized as String values. which hinders my workflow in QGIS.

I need to convert 40+ columns from string to integer. any ideas?

Thank you!

Easy Data Transform stores everything internally as string, and then converts to date, float, integer etc where appropriate for transforms.

Some of the output formats, such as Excel and JSON, give the option to specify column types on output.

It looks like QGIS supports lots of file formats. Can you please supply a few rows of example input and the output you want.

Hello, thanks for responding.

I have actually managed to resolve this by outputting to Excel and manually changing all columns to Integer and then from excel I exported as CSV which now works in QGIS correctly. It would be really nice to have the manual change option in csv outputs too if it was possible.

All of the cells were numbers but for some reason when outputting csv, QGIs reads them as text which prevents me from running analysis on them.

When you export to Excel you can set the column to integer in Easy Data Transform.

In a CSV file there is no way to specify column type. I am guessing that QGis doesn’t like the use of commas (and perhaps .00) in your example. You can remove commas and decimals using the Num Format transform in Easy Data Transform. I would try doing that and then output to CSV.