Conditional formatting - Any help?

EVEN_BETTER_RESULT.csv (1.7 KB) RESULT.csv (1.7 KB) SOURCE.txt (2.1 KB)

Dear all, I really like this powerful software but I’m struggling to accomplish something. I’d like to transform the text SOURCE.txt into RESULT.csv (EVEN_BETTER_RESULT.csv is the desired result but I think it’s not possible without doing it by hand).

I’m not finding my way between filters and I guess I might be missing something. If you’ve got any ideas it will be much appreciated.



EVEN_BETTER_RESULT.csv is do-able in Easy Data Transform. If a bit fiddly. There are probably lots of ways of doing it, but this seems to work:

yann.transform (5.8 KB)

I wasn’t sure how to reliably identify column 2. So I just matched for rows with a ‘-’.

Wow. Thanks a Lot! It’s incredibly helpful. You’ve solved my problem and I can study your transform to learn from it !
Congratulations for your beautiful piece of software. I purchased a license through a bundle to evaluate it. I guess we’re gonna need to purchase another one :slight_smile:
Again Tx!

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