Conditional/Alert Transform

Scenario, I’m running an EDT that performs calculations. Occasionally, a field may not be a number. It would be useful to have a Conditional transform that can visually, perhaps by, that a condition has been met.

If Colunm X, not number, then Red. The Transform would appear as Red. I would know immediately my results may have a problem by seeing that Red-colored Transform.

I understand the complexities of this there is an infinite number of conditions.

Conditional formatting of cells is an interesting idea. Is it a new feature request?

Can/should it also add a note to the Warnings or Info tab specifying the offending cell(s)?

I wasn’t thinking by cell, that seems super complex. I was thinking the transform itself could be colored.

If you are performing a numerical calculation on a non-numerical value, then you should get an orange warning icon on the transform (unless you have disabled View>Show warnings). I will have a think if there is something more we can do with data verification.

There should already being warnings in the Warnings tab specifying row and column (the first few anyway, there could be millions). Color coding cells warned about might be a possibility. But they probably already say “Error” or something similar.