Concatenated columns out of order

I am running from Excel to XML. In one of my steps, I am concatenating a bunch of columns, but the order is not correct in one of my rows.

input-to-effectivities3.csv (5.6 KB)

JM-IPC-GetEffectivities3.transform (7.4 KB)

We will investigate.

It seems that changing the column order in Reorder Cols after a child Concat Cols is added, may not be properly propagated to Concat Cols in this case. If you delete the connection from Reorder Cols to Concat Cols, then reinstate it, it seems to fix it.

I hope to have a fix soon.

That worked Andy! Thank you for the quick response and workaround.

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I think I have a fix. Testing it now.

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@frameexpert Thanks for reporting this. I believe the issue is fixed in this new snapshot release:

Windows installer:

Windows Zip:

Mac DMG:

Please try it and let me know.

I rebuilt the transform and got the correct order with the 1.46.2 update. Thank you very much Andy!

Thanks for letting me know. Please carry on using the version and let me know if you spot any other issues.

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