Concatenate / Textjoin Alternative?

  1. Can I Concatenate columns in a different sequence?
  2. Can I put a different delimiter between each column?

I need to combine these columns, but the different delimeters, “#” and “-” is making me go very long route.

[Brand] [Type] [#][Color Number] [Color Name] [ - ] [Product Line]

  • List item
  • Concatenate: Brand + Type, with a space delimiter = “BrandType”
  • I can’t concatenate the next sequence (Concatenate BrandType + Column Number, with [#] delimiter) because the new column, “BrandType” is added as the last column.

Assuming I understand you correctly, you can more easily do this with the Substitute transform:

See also:

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Hi mk2019,

I don’t know if it will help you in this particular case but the alternative workflow trick I have successfully used before is as follows:
First use the GATHER transform on the separate data tables using BATCH mode and the output set to APPEND to add them all together into one big table, then SORT & FILTER the fields as you need, and then when the data is ready, use a final SPREAD transform.

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You make this look too easy

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