Concat Rows - Change Layout from Column to Rows

Original Dataset

Using Concat Rows - Mode BY Key (Relation) I am able to get below output

Expected output

Concat Rows.transform (3.1 KB)

This works, but isn’t very elegant:

prashant.transform (7.9 KB)

Thank you for the solution.

I agree ! Maybe another bucket list item for V2

I was hoping for non brute force way since CONCAT Rows already did 50% of the job

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Here it is.

Transform file.
RelationGuest.transform (6.8 KB)


Thanks @Anonymous

Appreciate it


Another way, but it is not exactly as per your output requirement.

Transform file
RelationGuest2.transform (4.2 KB)

You can get the same result with Spread and Slide.

spread.transform (3.8 KB)


Not same, because you are missing the Relation :slight_smile:

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Thank you both ! I was also hoping to do spread @Admin !
Unique didn’t strike me only @Anonymous !

Yeah it’s the relationship column which is annoying , the actual table had two more columns such as Relationship to be repeated , I thought whatever is the way to do two , will apply on 4 .