Combined information of rows (and columns)


I have a problem where I need to combine information from a “header block” in a table with rows in the “bottom” part of the table.

The table state in the header part Flows in columns and state if these are mandatory or optional in areas.

The bottom part includes condition which needs to be excepted in the flows (with a number in which sequence they should be executed).


I have different sheets like this in each the number of Flows (N) is different.

I would like to get a list like the following, where for each condition which selected in the flow the information is given in which Area and Flow and status (Mandatory/Optional) it is used. The sequence number can be included in the resulting table, but mustn’t (As in the screenshot).


Currently I have no real idea how come to a solution, specially as the number of columns for flows are variable in the different input files. The header rows (Area types) are fix.

Any idea how to treat it is welcome, I thought about splitting it through filter criteria in two table but than had no clue how to combine later again and why to do with the table individually

I made some progress, but I don’t really understand how the top and bottom parts of the table are related.

olaf.transform (3.2 KB)

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thanks for the first steps.

The logic is to read a column. The Flow 1 consist out of the steps Condition 1, 2 and 3 (The number just give the sequence in which the steps/conditions need to be executed. And the Flows should be executed in the different marked areas.

Target is to create a list to get a list for each Condition in which flow, area and mandatory/option combination it is used. I hope I could explain it understandable.


@Admin, I got it combined. Thanks for the initial idea. In the added flow, I have to do some further remove columns and it shows the intended result.

olaf2.transform (4.7 KB)

The topic is now to make it robust for a flexible number of flow columns in different input files.

I suggest you set it up for the biggest number of columns you expect to encounter. It should then handle less columns without a problem.


Hope this helps solve your issue or give you idea how to proceed further.

I provided you two options, one in tabular format and another one was your request, I personally like the tabular format.

You need to change the Gather Transform in both branches for the Condition and Areas to include the additional data, as less will get cover up auto by already being selected, but the new ones need to be selected.

Currently you are set for 10 Conditions and 3 Flows.

Transform file.
CombinedInformationRowsAndColumns.transform (8.8 KB)



Updated the solution to cater for 50 Flows, also added Stack transform, so that when you replace the clipboard with actual data file, the transforms stays intact.

Transform file.
CombinedInformationRowsAndColumns.transform (13.4 KB)


@Anonymous, thanks a lot for the enhancements, very nice

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