Column Values panel copy does not work well in MAC

I love the Column Values area for quick stats and info on a particular column. This being said, one issue I am facing in MAC is that if I want to copy those values and/or frequencies and I try to do it with a mouse, for some odd reason I can’t reach the “copy selected” option (2nd image) and I have to use the keyboard. This is more like an annoyance than a big issue but I’m sure its something you are probably able to solve quite easily.


That is odd. I can replicate the issue on Mac. But it works fine on Windows. I will look into it when I get chance.

Thanks Andy! Let me know if you need anything from me.

I found a fix. It will be in the next release. Thanks for reporting it.

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This is fixed in v1.34.0.

Thanks a lot @Admin! This did appear to be working well in the latest snapshot as I tested it and it was working. I am downloading this stable release now!

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