chatGPT creates (simple) javascript for EDT!

I posted a question regarding doing a date based calculation !

I wasn’t expecting but it worked superbly .

// Function to convert date from yy/mm/dd to yyyy-mm-dd
function reformatDate(dateStr) {
  const [year, month, day] = dateStr.split('/');
  const fullYear = '20' + year;
  return `${fullYear}-${month}-${day}`;

// Assuming the column containing the date is named 'date_column'
const givenDateStr = $(date_column);
const givenDate = new Date(reformatDate(givenDateStr));
const comparisonDate = new Date("2023-01-01");

if (givenDate > comparisonDate) {
  return "Yes";
} else {
  return "No";

chatGPT is impressive, but the results are not always to be trusted!