Character limit per cell

Hello! Please see the attached file for the example.

I believe that there is a character limit per cell that is cutting off some of the data. We take this data and do a text to column conversion. When I review post conversion, it doesn’t look like it’s pulling in all of the data. when we save it, its saved as an XLSX, but this forum wont allow me to upload that version. I saved this as a CSV so you can see it. But essentially, what we do is copy a list of numbers into one cell. So cell A1 would look like 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, etc… and all in one cell.

example.csv (1.6 KB)

Easy Data Transform seems to read in your CSV without issues:

For text files the maximum number of characters per row (not cell) is 2^30 characters. Which is over a billion characters.

You might have missed that Split Col has a Max. values option, that defaults to 100.


If you remove the Quotes " in your example.csv file and then load in EDT, it loads each number in it’s own column which comes to 242 columns.

Same file but removed the "
example.csv (1.6 KB)


That would do it. You are the best. You are in England correct? 0-0 for our teams if so. Was an exciting match.

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