Change German digit separator , to English

Hi, new user here, so please be patient :wink:
I have a couple of Excel files which (since my locale is German) have the comma as the digit separator (e.g. 25,6).
How can I transform those to 25.6 which is what I need?
I want to stack the files but also clean them up at the same time.
Thanks for any help!

I have sometime the opposite one, get logging files with . and want to have the (German) β€œ,”
I just use the Replace transformation, select all number columns and change β€œ,” to β€œ.” or vice versa. If the value is already correct the replace will do nothing.

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You can change the locale in Preferences. But probably better to use Replace, as suggested by @Olaf.

replace-comma.transform (1.4 KB)

Many thanks to @Olaf and @Admin (Andy) for the speedy reply!
One more question: Can I swap columns? I would like to swap columns 3 and 4.

Yes, use the Reorder Cols transform.

Not seeing the forest for the trees… Thanks a bunch!

All the different transforms can be a bit overwhelming at first. But hopefully you will soon get used to them. Note that you can type keywords to find transforms in the left pane:


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