Case Transform Improvement

In the Rename Transform, you can rename multiple columns.
It would be helpful if the Case Transform you could do the same.
The first column could be the column name. The second column could be a drop-down box of the various possible Case Transforms.

Do you mean so that you can change columns 1 and 3 to ‘Upper’ and columns 2,4 and 5 to ‘Lower’ in one transform, rather than having to do it in 2?

If so, is that something you commonly need to do?

This is a common situation for me, people sign up for a free Lean Six Sigma Toolbook. When they do so, sometimes their name is in lower case, upper case, any which way. I also collect an email address and again sometimes its upper case, lower case, camel…

When I receive their request, I run it through the EDT Case Transform to make the first and last name proper case and I always convert the email address to lower case. Requiring two Case Transforms.

If each column were listed and next to it, was a dropdown box listing the available Case Transforms, in my case, there would be one EDT Case Transform used instead of two or more.

I understand. I can see how that would be useful. I will add it to the ‘wishlist’.