Can I make Named Ranges codes?

Hi, can you set up Named Ranges in Easy Data Transform? I need the Named Ranges codes to input in access so I can link the file to both programs.

Thank you

We don’t have named ranges in Easy Data Transform. But, if you can tell me a bit more about what you are trying to do, there might be another way.

Hi, I will put this in steps

  1. I use Easy Date Transform to run my spreadsheet comparison.
  2. I use filter > if > stats to come up with a total of how many items Failed. That gives me a sum total at the bottom of the “if” column. I have this process saved to save as overwrite the xlsx sheet each time I run it.

Here is the new part

I have an Access .mdb I’m editing as a way to personalize a Publisher newsletter.

However, I need the weekly sum to auto-update the Access file which updates the publisher newsletter. I will be using Access “Link to the data source by creating a linked table.” Unless I find a better way to link the sum directly into Publisher.

Everything works but setting up one sum cell in the xlsx spreadsheet to show Access (or Publisher) so it shows in publisher. I found I need a placeholder and read Named Ranges is how you do this.

Any advice
Thank you

So you want Easy Data Transform to create an .xlsx with a Named Range, so that you can integrate with Access/Publisher? Am I understanding that correctly?

Yes, I believe so. I think its only the name range. The instruction say to put the name range from excel into access or publisher.

I will add it to the wishlist. But I can’t make any promises about if and when it might get added. It depends partly on whether the 3rd party library we use to create Excel files supports it and also on whether we can any other requests for this.

Perfectly understandable. Have a great day.

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