Calculations on an IF

Hi, I need to do some calculations on an IF, but the result is a text (something like 234/40), any suggestions? (I don’t remember if I had read that this is not allowed, I had tried to use JavaScript, but the result said undefined)



I had got a way. Used an IF to ask for the condition (BOT in this case), if BOT is true, set the column equal to the conversion unit, else set to 1. Later, I had used the CALCULATE and divided by the previous column (that contains conversion or unit in the case of CAS)
It works, but I will like something shorter…



I don’t know how you tried it, but it is working fine.

It would be nice if you can upload test data and an output that you desire for us to work with.

If you are not able to upload in here due to basic user status, then you can use free site like as mentioned in the How to post a question to upload your test files.

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