Bulk Add - Meta Info

How can I bulk apply meta info?

I tried transforming 3 files, including adding meta information.

I wanted to create a batch process.

This created 30 output files of the same 2 files

The issue is the use of multiple wildcards.

Say you have inputs:
A.csv, B.csv, C.csv
D.xlsx,E.xlsx, F.xlsx

And you run batch processing with input wildcards:

Then you will end up with 9 outputs. 1 for every possible combination of .csv and .xlsx.

If you want to run it with particular pairs of inputs then you will have to create separate rows in the batch processing, e.g.:
A.csv and D.xlsx
B.csv and E.xlsx
C.csv and F.xlsx

Regarding batching, I was using wildcards to get all the files inside the folder name “New Folder.” The 2 input values were automatically assigned from the files I processed.

I gave up on batching long ago; is that the only way to get the meta information from all the input files?

To add meta info to a dataset from a file you just have to set the Meta info field in the right pane of the file input. This doesn’t have to be done with batch processing.

You could have .transform that inputs from a single file, adds meta info and then outputs again (no transforms). You can then do a folder full of files using batch processing.

This is going back to my original question.

  1. I want to stack 20 files.
  2. I want meta info on every row.
  • I followed exactly what you did, except that I stacked two files.
  • Again, 20 output files were created.

Also, why did the csv files get processed?

Lets say you have 3 Excel files:


What you are doing above is:

stack po1888.csv + a.xlsx and output to po1888_w_meta.xlsx
stack po1888.csv + b.xlsx and outputto po1888_w_meta.xlsx
stack po1888.csv + c.xlsx and output to po1888_w_meta.xlsx

If the output file is set to ‘overwrite’, only the last output will be kept.

What I think you want to do is:

stack po1888.csv + a.xlsx + b.xlsx + c.xlsx and output to po1888_w_meta.xlsx

To do that see Example 2 here:

Here is an example. The input adds meta information.

As you have 2 different types of file (CSV and XLSX) you need to either convert the CSV to an XLSX or do the above in 2 .transform files, 1 for each file type.