Batch Process - I really don't get it

  1. Do I have to manually input an alias?
  2. I need a completed .transform file “template” before Batch Processing.
  • Is there a way to create a temporary/dynamic output name?

    2a. or Change the Output Alias with Variables?
  1. Output Variables - I totally don’t understand something

  1. An alias should be automatically generated for you, based on the file name. But you can change it.

  2. You need to replace with the alias. So the alias of your input file is ‘Checi’. So in v1.20.0 onwards you can use these variables as part of the output file name:


For more details see:

I used a batch transform at work today. 961 text files, thankfully in fixed record form, joined to a spreadsheet.

It took probably 5 minutes of messing around with the data and I had what our team needed.

EDT is great.

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In order to get the flexibility people want it is a bit more complicated than I would like. It is on my wishlist to do a video on batch processing.

One thing I didn’t see - my 961 fixed length record files all had the same field lengths. Due to empty columns, EDT doesn’t auto-detect field lengths correctly.

Is there a way to set the field lengths for all batch inputs?

For fixed width files you can set the column with to Automatic or Manual. With Automatic it will try to gues where the column boundaries are. But obviously this isn’t 100% accurate. With Manual you can explicitly set the column widths, but they will be expected to be the same for every file for that input.

I set the columns manually for a sample input file, then found misalignments in the output.

At this point, I’m pretty sure EDT correctly applied my column alignments to all inputs.

The problem was malformed data from a user. Huh. Who would have thought that? :slight_smile:

What’s that old saying, gullible in, garbage out?

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Unfortunately it isn’t always possible to say if a fixed column width file is malformed. I guess we could warn when the number of characters in a line is more than expected. Less than expected is probably ok in many cases.

Right, the whole point of fixed length is to not have delimiters in the data.

Users, some of them, anyway, are all-powerful. There is nothing they can’t break. :slight_smile:

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No comment. ;0) ;0) ;0)

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