Anyone interested in EDT related work for hire?

Sometimes we have potential customers who want someone to set up Easy Data Transform for them. We would rather concentrate on improving Easy Data Transform and don’t really have time for this. If you have an Easy Data Transform license and are interested in this sort of work, email us with subject line ‘work for hire’.

Note that we would just put you in touch by email. We wouldn’t get involved beyond that.

Is there any interest in having a topic here listing people available for hire? It might be nice to direct people to a forum topic for this rather than wasting your time forwarding the information to people. Plus if a person you forwarded doesn’t work out for any reason it sort of looks like you recommended the person.

Of course a lot of people here generously take time to solve simple (and not so simple) requests as well, but if it’s a big job someone might as well get paid.

I think I would prefer to keep work for hire off the forum for now. We might revisit that in future.