Aggregate from Columns to rows

I have data that looks like the following:

Screenshot 2023-09-12 at 3.38.09 PM
and I want it to look like this

The output header names are irrelevant.

Attaching actual file that shows multiple data points for column A
Core Data.csv (489 Bytes)

It’s almost like I need a pivot table option that instead of showing counts would show the data across.

So it would be rows as TNAA Specialty and then the columns would be the codes

aaannnnd never mind. lookup with “all fields”

I would do it with Unique.

patrick.transform (1.6 KB)

Hi @patrick,

As @Admin suggested use the Unique Transform.

I have used the file that you have provided.

Transform File.
AggregateFromColumnsToRows.transform (1.6 KB)

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Also a great idea! I have to use this data and bump it up against another file for the lookup so that function makes the most sense, but putting these other ones in my back pocket for sure.