Advertising as softer Power Pivot/Query Alternative?

A lot of what EDT does overlaps with Power Pivot / Power Query , and EDT does it very gracefully. I am no Microsoft MVP but I have fare experience of using Power Query. In fact one of the reasons I bought EDT finally was to automate a process which I was doing in Power Pivot and it was taking too much time to update my files.

EDT handles large data with ease compared to Excel (on my m1) , the point and click nature is amazeballs .

Maybe some collaboration with excel influencer to speak about EDT.

I did have a play with Power Query and was shocked at how unusably slow it was for moderate sized datasets. A simple input, sort, self-join and output on 1 millions rows was:

  • 12.71 seconds in Easy Data Transform
  • 759.77 seconds in Power Query

And Power Query used a lot more memory as well.

I also hated the lack of a visual node based approach.

We would love to get some attention from Excel ‘influencers’. But we are rather busy trying to improve the product. Also these people generally have their own agendas (e.g, courses on Power Query to sell). But feel free to email a few of them! It would probably be better coming from a third party anyway.

I will definitely reach out to a famous Indian one :smiley:

This absolutely !

We definitely can have a beginners guide to EDT for Students , I feel EDT is a good pre companion to R

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Wrote to Chandoo from

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That is much appreciated.