Adding 2 input functions into an existing thread

Hello! Is there a way to add a two input function into an already existing thread. Example.

Ive created a full conversion, but now I want to add an additional input that I want to go through that same conversion. What I would do is add another input file, then stack that early in the conversion so that file could go through the same conversion process. If its an easy one and im missing it I apologize. I know you can right click on the lines between the boxes and do inputs, but I dont see that it will allow me to do a lookup or a stack as an example.

If I “break” that first input to add the stack in, then it hurts the converter downstream.

Not sure if you ever thought of it, but it would be cool to have some type of “freeze” feature that basically froze the converter as is until you get your changes made and then unfroze it and allowed it to process. sometimes having to break the thread upstream is a punishment!

From v1.23.1 you can add a Stack tranform to a connection between 2 existing transforms. Just highlight the connection and click Stack.

You can also duplicates a whole chain of items by selecting them all (including the inputs) right clicking and selecting Duplicate branch.

You should try to avoid breaking connections, where possible as it is hard for us to maintain consistency without resetting column related parameters downstream.

We have been working on the ability to start and stop processing. But it isn’t finished yet.