Add incrementing number to duplicate strings?

Is there a way to add an incrementing number to the end of a duplicate string?

Through concatenation I have what needs to be a unique identifier but occasionally there are duplicates (35 out of 1500). I just want to append an incrementing digit (.1, .2, etc.) to make them unique. In Excel I’d use =CONCAT(A2,".",COUNTIF($A$2:A2,A2)).


Is this what you meant?

MyTransform.transform (2.4 KB)


@LisaP The Easy Data Transform equivalent of this:



count-unique.transform (2.6 KB)

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Both answers were perfect. I tried a few different javascripts that I’d found, but I just didn’t know enough to properly pop them in. And I totally misunderstood the instructions on Total, which explains why that’s never worked for me! Thank you both!

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