Add a prefix or suffix to a list of comma separated values

I have a field with multiple comma separated values, like “item1, item2, item3…”.
I need to add to each of these values a prefix or a suffix obtaining a similar result “T_item1, T_item2, T_item3…”. Is it possible with your software solution?
Thanks in advance

just simple replace ", " by “, T_”.
This doesn’t add it for the leading first item. For this I would use a new column with the prefix “T_” move it in front of the other column and concat both.

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Thanks a lot, it was easier than I thought :joy:
By the way, what function should I use?

Suffix1.transform (3.1 KB)


Yes it is and here is the solution.

Transform file.
AddSufixorPrefix.transform (6.2 KB)


Thanks a lot Olaf! Very simple and effective!

I am also stuck on that issue but your knowledge is easy to understand. I hope I will not forget. I appreciate your support.