2022 roundup for Easy Data Transform

  • 19 production software releases on Windows and Mac
  • lots of improvements and new features, including:
    • manually control when calculations run
    • fuzzy macting options for various transforms
    • new Num Base transform
    • new Outliers transform
    • new Impute transfrom
    • new Cluster transform
    • Date FormatDateTime Format and can now transform dates, times and datetimes
    • new Characters tab in the Right pane
    • Explore Keys… button added to Join , Lookup , Intersect and Subtract transforms
    • Drilldown option added for various transforms
    • Improved Column Values window
    • Multiple files output option added
    • added support for input of larger text files (> 2GB)
    • improvements to processing speed and memory usage
    • M1/M2 ARM version for Mac
  • 19 newsletters sent
  • 35 videos created
  • 220 forum posts created/answered
  • lots of support emails answered

Thanks to everyone who sent in feedback, suggestions and bug reports.

In 2023 we plan to start work on Easy Data Transform v2. We have lots of ideas for improvements. Watch this space.


Congratulations on another successful year! The software continues to deliver value and is perfect for businesses like mine that need accurate and reliable data analysis. Daily, I rely on the software to quickly and easily validate data given to me. It’s a vitally essential tool for my business, which relies on accurate information and analysis.


EDT is a great tool and it’s exciting to hear of version 2 on the horizon.

All the best, particularly for the holidays!

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Great software and even better developer. Hoping to see soon version 2. Merry Xmas!


All things taken together this is simply the best software product I’ve encountered. Ever. The features, support, frequency of updates, and collegiality of the community are all unmatched. Easy Data Transform is simply a high water mark and my first example of how things should be. Many thanks and all the best in the new year.