Xml file problem

I have a problem when I transfer data to XML.

The software added on the header of XML file " " line.

Our software doesn’t know how to read this line, and the XML is not working with our software. Where can I delete this line?
Thanks and regards, Yann

Do you mean this blank line at the end of the XML file?:

or something else?

I mean, line number two, I need to remove it

The second line is an XML comment and is valid XML syntax:

To get rid of it you can:

  • read in the XML file as plain text
  • use a Filter transform to remove the containing <!–
  • output it as plain text
  • don’t read or write a header

remove-xml-comment.transform (2.0 KB)

I export the file from Easy Data Transform.
THe Easy Data Transform added the header!

You need to export it as plain text, not XML. When you set the extension to .xml is will default to XML format. Change the Type to Plain text. See the screen capture above (or the attached .transform above).

I don’t understand you.
Attached .transform file.

I don’t see an attached .transform file, only an image.

However I can see from your screenshot that the output.xml file has Type set to XML. This will add an XML comment. To get rid of that comment you can run the remove-xml-comment.transform attached above. That reads in the XML file as plain text, removes the comment and writes it out again as plain text. Outputting as plain text means that no comment is added.

Thank you.

  1. No file Attached.
  2. We Buy the software. Why you can’t remove it?

We attached the file above. Here is is again.

remove-xml-comment.transform (2.0 KB)

Why you can’t remove the comment?