Swap Input Data Without Function Reconfiguration? (Solved)

Is there a quick means to swap in identically formatted data from a previously used dataset without breaking the configurations for the functions downstream?

In the following example what I am looking to do is drop in the “Clipboard” data in replacement for the “NPLEXAM…” data and have the process run on this identically column-wise formatted data w/o needing to go back and reselect the columns in Gather, etc.


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Have you tried the Batch function? It gives you the ability to use similar data sets. Or you can stack the data with the Stack Transform.

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Hi Dan, Great suggestion! That’s a good long term solution, right now I was just sandbox testing for a new data format and wanted to see if there was a way to avoid re-re-re-entering the parameters as I swapped the input data in testing.

If the original input has been clipboard then you could:

  • copy the new data into the clipboard
  • select the original clipboard input
  • click the ‘refresh’ item in the right pane

But as the original input is a file, you can:

  • create an empty file (e.g. CSV or Excel) and paste in the data
  • save the file
  • select the original file input
  • change the file location in the right pane

As @DanFeliciano says, you could have a dataset with just the column headers and then Stack (by column name) any new dataset (file or clipboard) underneath it. You then don’t even need to have the columns in the same order each time, as long as the column names are consistent.

Thank you @admin and @DanFeliciano for the various routes. The “Refresh” trick seems to do exactly what i want for sandboxing and early stage development, with batching and editing the contents of a CSV as great later solutions once the “machinery” is in place.

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