Suggestion:Have option to open a transform stacked vertically

Just a quick suggestion:

Often when I open or create a big transform the default is for the steps to be arranged from left to right orientation across the screen. This is not the most efficient use of screen space. I often have to manually rearrange a big transform vertically in top-to-bottom orientation in order to be able to see the steps and the right-side window pane clearly.

I suggest:
It would be nice instead to have an option to either transpose a right-left orientation to top-bottom (stacked vertically) or similarly to set top-bottom as the default orientation when
adding new steps to a transform.

Best regards.

I will add it to the wishlist. However the majority of our customers are from cultures that read left-to-right. So that seems the most natural orientation for the data flow.

If you have 2 monitors, have you tried View>Two screen mode? It moves the right pane onto your second monitor which gives you double the screen real estate.

In future it may be possible to do other things to better handle big data flows. E.g. collapsing multiple items into one item or adding a navigation window.