Remove rows depending on content of two columns

Given i have a row with a date entry, which i transform to MM.yyyy in a new column and i have a row with Metainfo, where i also transform to MM.yyyy. Now i want to remove all rows, where date entry and metainfo don’t match.

Background: I got a file, containing entries with timestamps over the last year. I only want to use that one from the curent month. So if i have


i want to keep only the latter 2. I will get those file(s) always at the end of the running month and just want to select only the entries where Month and year from Metainfo matches the month and year of date.

I am a little bit stuck, and tried it with lookup, but that wouldn’t work as i intended it to…

If some1 could point me in the right direction, i’d really appreciate.

Use Compare to compare the metainfo column with the date column.

Then use Filter to remove columns where metainfo doesn’t match date.

Then use Remove Cols to remove unwanted columns.


Hope this gives you the idea and solve your issue.

1- Removed the other columns and kept the original column.

2- Removed the original columns plus working columns and kept date transform columns.

So you can have choice which ever columns make sense to you to keep.

Transform File.
MatchDate.transform (3.4 KB)

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did the trick :slight_smile: