Quickbooks File Types Support

There are thousands of bookkeepers who have can download QB files for analysis yet, they can’t easily merge, join, stack, or lookup with other data files.
May there is an opportunity to support QB filetypes such as;
QBO QuickBooks Bank Statement file
QBR QuickBooks Report Template file
QBX Accountant’s Review Copy / Transfer file
QBA Accountant’s Copy file
QBM. QuickBooks Portable file

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It is a possibility. I wonder horrific these formats are? And how often bookkeepers need to blend them with other data?

Is QuickBooks not able to export as Excel, CSV or XML?

I will dig around for more details on the QBO data formats.
In the US, there is a Point of System called Square, their data format is horrible and requires a lot of manual, mistake ridden rework to appropriately update QBO with correct SKUs sold.