Pick which columns to join and which not to join

Hi, I wish there was a joined that allowed me to pick which columns to join and which to keep without joining but they could be numbered 1,2,3. So if I had headers Column A, Column B and Column C. I could join Columns A and B but on Column C I could keep all the Column C’s but number this Column C1, Column C2, Column C3.

Just something I would like to see added.
Thank you

@Kim You can do the same thing by doing a Join and then a Remove cols. It makes things simpler if we keep these 2 transforms separate, rather than overlapping their features.

I don’t need to remove cols, I wanted to keep all of the column C’s and auto number each column. But I just realized I can’t join 15 modules so it really doesn’t matter. I will have 15 outputs and go from there.

I think I need to see example inputs and output to understand what you are trying to do.

I would give you a sample but I’m in a rush on this. I have large number of files to do a lookup. For today I’m going to merge them all in excel so I can get them uploaded to database. Thank you for your time.

I thought it would work but it doesn’t

I can’t really see what you are trying to do from the screenshot. I need some sample inputs and expected output.