File output format

Hi, I have only just discovered the tool through the SummerFest 22 and am exploring what it can do.
I am liking the look of what I am seeing so far!
In terms of output, I fully understand that the purpose of the tool is data manipulation, but I was really excited when I saw that you have .md and .txt options.
However, both formats still produce a data-centric output with pipe delimiters.
Is there an option/way to just get text (either plain or md) as a concatenation of the columns?

(As soon as I started typing this, I thought there has to be, it is called space delimited text… and of course it is and it works!)

Really impressed with the options that this tool could do - now to find my wallet :smiley:
Looking forward to more experiments!

Many thanks…

.md will output as a markdown table, which always uses pipe delimiters.

It sounds as if you need Delimited text format with Delimiter set to Space. Which it looks like you worked out.

Thanks for confirmation.