Dual monitor support

Dual monitor support is now available for multi-screen afficionados in today’s snapshot.

Select View>Two Screens Mode to move the right pane onto a second monitor.

Select it again to merge it back into the main window.

Obviously, you need to have a second monitor attached to your computer for this to work!

You can get the snapshot here:

Refresh the web page to get the new download links if you have already been to this page previously.

@Admin, I was trying to test this in my Mac pro but I dont see the option even though I do have an external monitor attached through HDMI. Anything I can try?

If there is no new entry on the ‘view’ menu then you probably don’t have the latest version. Did you refresh the page to get the latest links?

The ‘Build’ date in the About window for the Mac version should be:
Jan 22 2021 15:23:04

Here are direct links:
Windows: https://www.easydatatransform.com/downloads/EasyDataTransform_1_11_4_snapshot_2.exe
Mac: https://www.easydatatransform.com/downloads/EasyDataTransform_1_11_4_snapshot_2.dmg

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That did the trick Andy. Thank you! I had the snapshot 1 perhaps. I’ll test and give feedback but seems to be working fine.

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Works really well and I am pleased with this feature. No problems so far.

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The snapshot has now been removed. Please use v1.12.0 instead: