Best way to do match up information

Hi, I have made a sample sheet of what I’m doing. However the real version has 54 columns to match up and 3072 rows. I can do each column using the lookup each column separately however I thought there might be a better quicker way that I was overlooking. I have to do this ever few weeks and I never seems to work twice the way I’m doing plus I have to merge everything.

Looking at this example sheet
Numbersmatch.csv (1.2 KB)

I need to match up
Column A with Column I & J then get a Dates1 output
Column B with Column I & J then get a Dates2 output
Column C with Column I & J then get a Dates3 output

The output can be any name or a name the program generates. I can rename them to watch I want. It that number1 matches Date1, number2 matches date2, etc…

If not, that is fine. I felt it was worth asking

I’m not sure I understand what you are trying to do.

If the columns are always in the same position, but have different names you can handle that using a Stack by Column number.

If the columns always have the same names, but different positions you can handle that using a Stack by Header name.

If both the column positions and names can vary, that is much harder to deal with. Maybe manually rename them and then Stack by Header name.

See also:

Here is how I’m doing it now. It might be the only way to do it. Thanks

Lookup.transform (3.6 KB)
Numbersmatch1.csv (933 Bytes)
Numbers2.csv (459 Bytes)

Just a note: Lookup seems to be the only option so I will use that.

I looked at your example. Currently I can’t think of a better way to lookup values in 3 separate columns.

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