Batch question - Can I make changes?

I have a simple layout I need to repeat 57 times with different Lookup “Top lookup column” picked and in Rename Cols, the new lookup column created needs a different name per each of the 57 sheets. Is that possible to in batch? I hate to remake this 57 times if there is a faster way of doing it. Thanks, Kim

It is difficult to be too specific without more details. But if you have 57 input files or sheets, you can use a wildcard in batch mode to cycle through them all and output a different output file or sheet for each input.

Setting a different column name for each file is trickier, but it should be possible by adding meta information during input and then the Header transform.

Thanks, I have to do this each month so I think I will set up 10 per each Easy Date Transform file then I can merge all the output at the end. It won’t be too big a deal to opening 6 files each month to run. But thank you the answer

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