Addition outputs for Filter and Join

I use EDT for some basic data cleanup/modeling work and have seen datasets where I could an additional output for Filter or Join. This is a nice-to-have idea as I am able to work around it with transform patterns.

Idea #1: Have an optional output for the Filter transform that is the “Not Filtered” result.

Idea #2: Have an optional outputs for the Join transform that is the “Not Top Joined” or “Not Bottom Joined” results.

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Can’t you just bypass the filter transform?

Note also that you can disable the filter with 1 click:


I can see that might be useful. I will make a note of it. But I think it would be a significant amount of work add. And you can achieve the same thing with Subtract.

(Edit Modified image above to add Clone).

Note also that we are adding a new feature so make it easier to see the misses in a Join.

@Admin Yes those are the workaround that I have, with the transform + subtract pattern.

For the idea #1, I have a branch that subtracts outbound of the Filter from the original to get the “Not Filtered” results (similar to what you drew for the misses in Join).

I think the benefits here (to the user) is to better understand the control of the data flow. Right now my setups are relatively simple, hence I call these ideas as nice-to-have.

I’ve made a note and will give it some thought.