A milestone, and some comments

Easy Data Transform has created hundreds of reports for me at work. On my personal Mac, I mostly use EDT for simple things on small data sets. About once a year I get cranky about property taxes and give EDT a good workout.

This morning, happily firing salvos at tax rolls, I got a popup saying I had processed more than 10,000,000 lines of data.

I think I’m getting my money’s worth. Don’t tell Andy, but that works out to EDT costing less than a tenth of a thousandth of a cent per record. So far. I’m still at it.

The bulk of that processing is on tax rolls, the major element of which has 409 fields per record. That means I’ve processed a data field for about every four inches from here to the Moon.

The quirk or two I found were always quickly addressed. I can’t remember an outright crash other than running out of memory this morning. EDT terminated, I set its memory limitation in EDT preferences to 8 gig, and life went on, four inches at a time, from here to the moon.

EDT is great. Once I finish this current round of data mining I’ll post sample transforms which are run against property tax data in Tyler Technologies transfer tape format.


Glad to hear you are getting good value for money. ;0)

Even better, the local tax appraiser is going to be soooo proud of me.

I won’t take credit, though. I’ll tell her she should get all her good little taxpayers to get EDT and have a look at things for themselves. :crazy_face:

I wonder if anyone has passed a billion rows of data yet?

I added four years of data to my study set this morning. That brings my data to just under 500,000 rows. Just 2000 sneak-peeks and I’m there.

Hmmm, I know of Tyler Tech. I’m from Vermont.

Dan, your company has treated me with friendly respect even though I’m not a customer.

Tyler sounds like a nice company.

Current status of EDT:


Currently I control and report a large test project with the EDT evaluations and check and increase the counter by 7.5 mio per working day. A long way to reach the billion :wink:

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Impressive. Especially in less than 2 months. That is about 222 million row transformations per day.

However I calculate that you have another 41 billion days (113 million years) before you overflow the 64 bit integer row counter. ;0)


so you have a some time to extend the integer counter to 128 bit … but what is about the window width to present the high numbers. I’m concerned :innocent: :joy: :joy:

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I can change it to an unsigned 64 bit integer. That should give @bert another 113 million years!

I expect the screens will be wider in a few millions years. :grin:

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